Getting Closer

We are getting closer to the release of 3.1. It is currently in Beta-1 and will probably go to Beta-2 very soon. The developers are squashing all the remaining little bugs, and before you can say 2011 we’ll have a new version to play with. Some of the things you will want to check out when this version is released:

  • Post Formats – This one is going to get a lot of attention. I have already demonstrated it’s use with asides and gallery postings. Other possibilities include audio, video, chat, quote, and more.
  • Admin Bar – Show up on the front end of single sites and also on the back end for MU sites.
  • Internal Linking – This functionality “should make it easier to link to internal content (a previous post or page).”

There are other enhancements, and many bug fixes. Check back for more information as I find it.